What Makes Machine Learning a Powerful Tool


Machine learning is no longer something that should be spoken about in future tense. The future is here. Whether the digital transformation evolved at a much quicker rate than anyone expected, or the pandemic accelerated the adoption rate, machine learning has become a powerful tool for manufacturing.

Without getting too technical, here are some capabilities that make machine learning a powerful tool: 

  • Quickly contextualizes vast databases: Especially in manufacturing, big data has become quite the buzz word. It refers to the amount of information generated, stored, and accessed virtually. The issue is the more data a business compiles, the more difficult it is to parse through all the information. Machine learning can speed through datasets to help connect various data points and help a business draw conclusions.  
  • Works 24/7. Only humans require sleep. Artificial intelligence software does not. It can analyze data 24/7/365. The algorithms can keep grinding away on business issues and provide insights by the time the humans return to work. 
  • Constant self-improvement. The more data you feed the beast, the better the algorithms become.  
  • Applies to widespread applications. Machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions are extremely versatile and can work with many applications. There are endless ways to apply AI applications throughout various departments and applications. Whether it is applied for security reasons, identifying cost-saving measures, or any other business function, the opportunities it presents are exciting. 

Machine learning can offer improved customer experience, informed decision making, increased innovation, cost savings, and boosted productivity.  

Manufacturing businesses can really benefit from machine learning, but they need to make sure they understand how it can best work within their business. You can only achieve the above benefits if you are maximizing and properly using the capabilities. For help understanding how your business can use machine learning or artificial intelligence solutions, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let us help guide you through your digital transformation and other emerging technologies.

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