Cloud computing adoption saw a huge increase in 2021, and 2022 should be no different. With this increased adoption, new cloud computing trends are going to emerge.

Here is a look at what can be expected moving into this next year: 

  • Container growth. Containers provide a portable and agile way to deploy and manage virtual computing applications in the cloud. These application workloads can run across different clouds and even in hybrid on-premises environments.  Every major public cloud provider has a container service. Microsoft has the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 
  • Hybrid Cloud from Public Cloud vendors. Hybrid cloud enables the integration of both on-premises and public cloud computing resources. It is common these days for organizations to deploy a multi-cloud strategy. Microsoft has Microsoft Stack.  
  • Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) awareness. All major public cloud providers have been pushing their own sustainability efforts and focusing on ESG awareness. With all the talk around climate change and various other environmental changes, organizations are making the decision to become part of the solution. Therefore, ESG sustainability is going to continue to be a top cloud computing trend for 2022 and beyond. Microsoft has a tool called the Emissions Impact Dashboard.  

Cloud computing is important for businesses because it allows organizations to scale, maintain flexibility, and focus on business growth and change, without having to manage complex IT infrastructure. Where are you with your cloud computing journey? 

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