What Does Your Managed IT Program Include?


You have invested money into your IT Infrastructure and expect its full performance, security, and reliability. You either are managing your IT Infrastructure and all its moving parts internally, or you have outsourced to an IT Consulting firm. Using a 3rd party Managed IT program is the best way to ensure you are running at full speed, at all times. Heck, most companies don’t have the bandwidth in-house to be able to competently achieve that.

However, not all Managed IT service plans are the same. Do you know what your Managed IT program includes?

2WTechAssist will proactively manage all risks and ensure maximum performance using the most advanced performance monitoring and asset tracking tools. We help our clients navigate complex regulations and put into place affordable sustainable solutions to ensure compliance.  Our program was not built overnight. We have fine-tuned our Managed IT program over several years to ensure that each and every company can achieve their best results when relying on us. Not only that, but we are constantly re-evaluating every line item in our plan to ensure it still makes sense given the ever-changing technology landscape.

2WTechAssist’s qualified Consultants have the technical knowledge and training to deliver superior value and service to our clients. We offer 24/7 remote monitoring, along with comprehensive reporting, which enables a better view of the network and its performance. In most cases, we are aware of any issues to a network before the client is experiencing any symptoms. This allows a business to strategically keep their resources and IT budget on track.

2W Tech offers two levels to our 2WTechAssist program. Give us a call today to learn more about each level and let us help you decide which would be a better fit for your organization. 2W Tech is a Managed Service Provider with over 30 years experience in managing networks and IT Infrastructure solutions. Don’t trust your Managed IT program to just any MSP.

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