Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Future Trends


For manufacturers to be competitive in the market and remain that way, they must be able to not only predict future trends, but plan for them as well. An ERP system is the heart of a manufacturing business, it holds the key to your data and the answers that it provides. Using artificial intelligence, you can take the data from your ERP system and take it a step further. 

Using predictive modeling to identify patterns and trends can help identify new roads for a business to follow. This allows a business to forecast how future changes can impact a business and gives them time to adjust to that data. This can be particularly helpful when AI identifies threats to a business. Undetected threats could single-handedly take down a business.  

AI can use past data from economic reports to predict inflation and deflation, triggering manufacturers to adjust their supply chain accordingly.  

When manufacturers use AI to track their machines and equipment, they can keep up with repairs automatically. This will improve safety of staff and save money long-term. Machine downtime or weekend repairs can be detrimental to a business.  

AI can automate specific tasks within an ERP system, such as data entry and order processing. Automation can automatically fill in data gaps, making it easier for users to find the information they need. 

An ERP system can help manage and organize data, while artificial intelligence can use that data to predict what might happen in the future. When used together, these tools can change the course of a business for the better. 

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