Unsupported Versions of Microsoft Outlook Will Be Blocked


Nov. 1 is quickly approaching, which means Microsoft’s Nov. 1 deadline for minimum version requirements for connecting Outlook for Windows to Office 365/Microsoft 365 services will change. That means older versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2007 and 2010 will be incompatible with some upcoming service changes.

These changes include the following: 

  • Support for basic authentication is ending to increase the security of Microsoft 365 by relying on modern authentication protocols, which are not only more secure, but also provide compliance and policy controls to help you manage your data.  
  • Microsoft is also working on adding support for HTTP/2 in Microsoft 365. HTTP/2 is a full duplex protocol, which decreases latency through header compression and request multiplexing. On the service side, Microsoft will be able to better prioritize requests and more effectively push data to clients.  

You may bristle at the idea of switching to an updated version of Outlook after relying on an earlier version within your organization for so long, but there are several good reasons to update: 

  • Security fixes will protect your devices against known vulnerabilities; 
  • Reliability is at an all-time high – Microsoft has eliminated crashes in Outlook by 75 percent in the last five years; and 
  • Updated versions have the newest features to make work easier for your organization.  

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