Microsoft just released a Windows 11 update that includes several features and updates that will really change the Windows experience.

Microsoft has been on a mission for years to achieve a passwordless future. There are more than 4,000 password attacks every second, ranking it as one of the most common entry points for attacks. With this release of Windows 11, we will see:

  • Even more passwordless: IT teams will have the ability to remove the option to enter a password on day one for all Windows 11 devices with Windows Hello for Business.
  • More with passkeys: Once you create a passkey with Windows Hello, you can access a website or application by using your face, fingerprint, or pin.

We will also see some new IT security tools in this release to help empower IT teams including:

  • Custom Application Control for Business Policies with Microsoft Intune.
  • Configuration Refresh that automatically refreshes group policy settings at regular intervals to help keep control of any override settings from users.

This version also expands the availability of voice access tools, including options to use voice control during setup. On devices that have sensors that can detect whether a human is sitting at the PC, you will find improvements in the Wake On Approach and Lock On Leave features, which can reduce the risk of an unauthorized third party accessing an unattended PC. Note these couple features are not turned on by default.

Windows 11 will also enable a key option called Windows 365 Boot, which allows employees to boot directly to their cloud-based Windows 365 desktop, bypassing the local PC completely. Another key feature worth calling out is Mobile Application Management for Windows. This feature will allow employees to access organizational resources through Microsoft Edge on an unmanaged device, while giving network administrators the ability to control the conditions under which the resources can be accessed.

Stay tuned for Friday’s blog where we focus on more updates to Windows 11 that brings the power of Copilot to the PC.

View the Microsoft Official Blog page here to read the complete rollout of features and benefits with this latest Windows 11 update.

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