Anyone that has been around a manufacturer knows that they are typically slow adopters with technology. However, in the last couple of years, manufacturers have been rapidly adopting cloud-based ERP systems. Sure, it took a little longer for most of them to jump on board, but it is estimated now that about 90% are onboard with using cloud solutions within the business.  

In the 2021 Epicor Industry Insights Report, businesses associated cloud ERP with growth and said it was crucial to their continuing success. Among the benefits, they value improved flexibility and adaptability, better security, simple regulatory compliance, and enhanced business resilience. 

Migration is still a concern for manufacturers, but there are a few top things customers need addressed from their partners to help ease the move to the cloud. 

  • Interoperability with other business systems covering different functional areas: For successful migration and integration, having a dedicated support team is a must-have. From supporting backup and data hygiene issues, to ensuring successful interoperability across applications, expert support delivers a better experience for manufacturers. 
  • Long-term viability of the solution provider: It is important to have confidence your ERP Consultant will be around for staff training and customizations and to help with any problem areas that arise. The ERP project does not end at go-live. Make sure you understand what post-implementation support they offer. 
  • Specific features relevant to their industry and business: Manufacturers need to be confident that their ERP partner knows the industry and understands their business. They require guidance and solutions curated to fit specific needs, especially during the implementation and go-live phases. Your cloud migration project will be so much smoother if you are working with an ERP Consultant that specializes in your industry.  

These concerns are just a few manufacturers have and most can be alleviated when a business chooses a partner that is laser focused on ensuring a safe, secure, and successful migration, as well as providing dedicated ongoing support after go-live.  

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