Things to Expect When Implementing an ERP System


Implementing an ERP system is often one of the greatest headaches when it comes to technology within a business. For this reason alone, many businesses put off new implementations and upgrades far past the time they should occur. Many are afraid of all the unknowns that can happen in an ERP project.

However, when you look at the process in terms of phases and have a realistic idea of what to expect, you will feel better prepared to tackle things head on.  

  • Discovery and Design. The discovery period should be all about doing your research. Design is about creating a detailed list of your system requirements. You need to outline your current issues, including process inefficiencies you need to solve for. Keep in mind any integrations you will need to support for your existing software applications. 
  • Development and Testing. The key to this phase is program management and program development. ERP development should be centered around the configurations and software customizations needed to suit your specific needs. Testing your system can happen while you are still in development. You can test one module, while developing another. This will help you keep your ERP project on an acceptable timeline.  
  • Deployment and Support. Deployment is GO DAY! The day your ERP system goes live. If you have done all the necessary backend work and really focused on your design and development pieces along the way, this will hopefully be a smooth transition with very little to no technical issues. 

The most important thing is to make sure you have the proper support and guidance during each phase of the project and during go-live. Unexpected things can occur or questions may arise, and your team deserves the assurance that someone has your back.  

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