With a labor market that is as tight as it has ever been, employers are being challenged to retract and retain the best and brightest in their respective industries. It is up to you, the employer, to keep these workers in your organization’s good graces, and nurturing an intelligent workplace in 2020 is one of the best ways to do so.

The intelligent workplace enhances employee comfort, collaboration and productivity while delivering a superior customer experience at every touch point. It’s also flexible enough to accommodate changes in the work we do, the work your machines do, and how we cooperate and collaborate in the era of Industry 4.0.

Today’s employees are more focused on work/life balance and, more importantly, the continuous blending of the two. Workers today want to be measured by their contributions and outcomes, not the hours they rack up. As organizations compete to attract the right talent, it’s HR rather than IT driving intelligent workplace initiatives. With telephony, messaging, videoconferencing and Office 365 on one platform, it is easier to deliver the experience these employees expect.

There is also a shift from individual to team productivity as digital, software-based solutions have a big impact on how people work. It’s a sign of the times that Cisco and Microsoft have an application called “Teams,” where everything relating to a work project, messaging, chats, file sharing document editing, etc. is done on a virtual site. As organizations seek to enable cross-functional, project-based teams from around the world, there’s a greater focus on productivity and collaboration solutions that offer flexibility and support a more agile way of working.

Artificial intelligence is accelerating this trend by making collaboration processes far more efficient. Virtual assistants can book venues, synchronize agendas, take notes, assign actions and set up follow-up meetings – making it easier for individuals to connect and work as teams, and enabling greater productivity.

Now that anything can be automated in Industry 4.0, humans will get involved only when machines can’t understand the context of a situation well enough to answer a query or resolve a customer problem. Creating the ideal combination between what a machine does and what a human does will be critical and the foundation of all of this is how you use the data you have throughout the customer journey.

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