Selecting ERP software is a very intimidating process for any business. You are first faced with the choice between generic solutions and industry specific ERP systems. Traditional ERP systems were created with basic functionalities and features common to a wide range of industries. During the implementation process, IT consultants conduct a detailed system study to determine the customized solution based on a client’s precise requirements. Implementing a generic ERP is a massive undertaking that cost companies years of their lives and breaks the bank.

The ERP industry has evolved to the point that ERP software now specifically matches exact industries, saving both valuable time and money. When you choose an industry specific ERP software developed specifically for your industry, you can handle all of your business processes with minimal to no customization required. Other benefits to an industry specific ERP solution include:

  • Shorter implementation window
  • Reduced implementation cost
  • Lower maintenance cost

Manufacturing processes can often require a more in-depth customized solution, so starting with a generic ERP solution can put you even further behind the game. Top performing manufacturers commonly approach the ERP selection process with a  distinct plan in mind. They prefer a solution they can implement smoothly and help drive business right away, cue a manufacturing specific ERP system.

2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner. Epicor ERP software is designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn how this industry specific solution can help drive your business to the top.

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