More and more organizations are realizing the benefits the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers their organizations. As these companies begin their IIoT journeys, there are plenty of trends that have developed this year which will shape the future of Industrial IoT use.

Some of the IIoT trends of 2021 included: 

  • Digital twins – Digital twins are detailed digital models that use IoT-powered sensors to update the digital model based on real changes happening to the source object. Digital twins are frequently being implemented as part of IIoT manufacturing today, especially because they enable more remote workforce flexibility and real-time status updates on field devices.  
  • Developing an intelligent IIoT edge – IoT technology generates and transmits data continuously, meaning that industries that use IoT technology have large amounts of data they need to store, manage and analyze. For the kind of performance results that industrial IoT users expect, there’s not always time to transmit data back and forth to a distant cloud data center. IoT experts predict industrial users will need to hire more tech pros who can manage new IIoT use cases as well as the edge infrastructure where they’re operating.  
  • Improved functional safety for IIoT equipment – Worker safety has always been an area that corporate leaders have looked to improve, especially in the manufacturing industry. One of the best benefits of the IIoT is the ability to track, alert and protect workers from unsafe working conditions.  
  • Addressing the expanded IIoT cyberattack surface – Many industry IoT components have not traditionally received the same number of cybersecurity safeguards as other enterprise tools. Many industrial IoT developers and users have recognized their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and are working to correct the problem. 
  • Persona-based IIoT – IIoT sensor technology continues to evolve its environmental tracking capabilities and is now being used to assess and improve the workforce. IIoT is being used to achieve more detailed worker metrics, especially since many industries are experiencing a skilled worker shortage.  

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