The Challenges of Implementing a Big Data Strategy


Everyone across just about every industry acknowledges the benefits big data can offer their business. However, there are plenty of questions surrounding how to use big data best practices.

Here are some challenges you may encounter during your big data initiative and how to address them:

  • Extracting the data you need – Many IT managers do not understand what data is available, let alone how to capitalize on the big data at their disposal. Analytics managers can deliver solutions and options for organizations looking for the business value of big data.
  • Converting data into business value – Before diving into big data, companies need to determine their specific business questions and develop a strategy to identify the information. Any changes in data strategy will require commitment from c-suite executives for upfront investment and room for research through a handful of initial projects.
  • Time for transformation – One of the most difficult aspects of big data implementation is the capability to transform it. Understanding the impact of data often requires many strategies and a great deal of team effort and time. The right people with the right mathematical skills and statistical capabilities is a must, as well.

If you are a manufacturer and need an IT partner to help guide you through this digital transformation, give 2W Tech, a Microsoft Gold Partner, a call. We would be happy to discuss the best way for your organization to take advantage of what big data can offer.

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