Most businesses accumulate a lot of data and often times, the useful information gets buried way down deep in your ERP system. Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence platform that allows users to aggregate, analyze, and visualize data from disparate sources into a single data model. Dashboards can then be published to a SaaS service to share with users across your organization. Imagine the benefits Power BI for Epicor templates could bring to your business.

2W Tech is a long-standing Epicor partner with over 30 years experience working with Epicor ERP systems. So, we understand better than most, the frustrations that happen when you can not get the useful data you need in the hands of your decision makers quickly.

That is why we have developed Power BI for Epicor templates. We currently offer the following templates:

  • Executive Summary
  • Materials Review
  • Production Review
  • Sales Review

Power BI for Epicor templates can transform your raw data into actionable information. They can help you improve your customer service and help discover your outliers. You can easily drill into information and quickly identify trends. These customized templates can help you uncover new business and increase your sales. Who knew getting useful information could be so simple.

Actionable data is business intelligence. It turns your endless stream of raw data into actionable insights that can help improve your business. It has never been more important for companies to capture, manage and analyze their data to improve their business intelligence. To learn more about Power BI for Epicor templates, give us a call today. 2W Tech is both an Epicor Gold Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner.

For an example of a Power BI for Epicor template, please click here.

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