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If you are a current Epicor customer using a legacy system, Epicor ERP 10 could mean the right time for you to upgrade. Epicor 10 has been on the market for several months and there has been a lot of positive feedback from many of our clients that are using it. Upgrading your Epicor legacy system is about more than just a simple data migration to Epicor 10, but a lot of training of the new functionality and technology this version brings. Here are some key new features Epicor 10 offers:

  • Epicor social enterprise. This platform leverages social media concepts that allow users to work with their Epicor ERP more easily. It provides companies with the ability to collaborate around orders, customers, suppliers, configurations, projects, or any business object within your ERP. Using Epicor enterprise search, business knowledge bases can be searched or accessed from within an ERP.
  • Configurator Entry now divided. Epicor 10 introduces the concept of Configuration designer functionality being divided among the entry programs unlike the single entry the prior versions possessed.
    Scheduling. Epicor ERP 10 is largely known for their advanced materials planning suite. It allows users to handle a combination of scheduling obligations remotely from a single area of the system. One other key feature for scheduling in Epicor 10, is it gives the ability for managers to access their information in the cloud.
  • Engineering. Epicor 10 introduced one of the most all-encompassing manufacturing engineering functionality on the market. Users get access to ordering and production data and can retrieve a 360 view of the part, all from a single source. No longer are sales ordering and engineering separate silos. Sales team can essentially be an engineer and access part and material information, and devise contracts within a matter of minutes.
  • Configurator. This is not a feature in Epicor 10 that is used by all users. It requires highly technical throughput and expert business process modeling ingenuity. It is essential for food, automotive or distribution industries whom may have hit a rough patch with a supplier. The configurator at the job level enables manufacturer, or distributor, to complete the quote with a like material instance at the same level of significance.

If you are going to implement Epicor ERP 10, here are 10 best practices you should utilize in your organization:

  1. Blazing performance
  2. Proven stability
  3. Simplicity/ease of use
  4. Improved collaboration
  5. Future ready
  6. Increased deployment options
  7. Mobile support
  8. Closes gap with customers and suppliers
  9. Room to grow and expand
  10. Enhanced tools

If you are a legacy Epicor customer and ready for an upgrade or want to install Epicor for the first time, contact 2W Tech today to learn more about upgrading Epicor. We have experience implementing Epicor 10, and can help guide you through this implementation or upgrade. 2W Tech specializes in Epicor ERP upgrades, new installations, Epicor customization, project management, Epicor training and support.

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