Speed Up Your Epicor System


Many of the calls to the 2W Tech Help Desk revolve around slow responsiveness or lag in overall performance in our our clients Epicor System.  Troubleshooting Epicor performance can be as simple as common printer issues or busted DVD drives.  They can also take on a complexity all on their own.
Here are a couple easy things to check before contacting technical support:

1) Exclude anti-virus scans on key directories.

Anti-virus scanning will scan every file as it is being used both at the workstation and on the server. This takes away necessary resources required to run the application. Simply exclude the directories from your anti-virus software. If you Anti-Virus software does not have an exclusion list – it’s time to find one that does.

2) Avoid performing database backups during the day.

But wait, you say, we have to because of this or that regulation requires us to do so. Okay, I hear you. Let me offer some tips so you can stay compliant and keep the peace among the troops. Do backups during breaks, before hours, after hours and overnight. The amount of time will vary based on the size of your database so a few trials should be done before finalizing the schedule

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