Even in 2023, there is a fair share of organizations that still run their ERP system on-premises. As the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 continue to change the way Manufacturers do business, a cloud ERP system should be the technological system at the center. Having a cloud ERP system can best set your business up to integrate new modern technologies quickly as they emerge.

There are other benefits to cloud ERP systems also including:

  • Accessibility and Scalability: Anytime, anywhere access to accommodate workers from across the globe, as well as scalability to adapt as the organizations needs change.
  • Reduced IT Costs: Lower hardware, lower maintenance costs, and automatic updates.
  • Cost-effective Implementation: Lower upfront implementation costs, faster deployment times, and pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Collaboration and Integration: Real-time collaboration between team members, regardless of their location. It also offers easier integrations with other cloud-based applications and services.
  • Data Security and Backup: Built-in robust security measures including backup and disaster recovery.
  • Improved Data Analytics: Built-in reporting and analytics tools, as well as real-time data update.
  • Automatic Updates and Compliance: Software continually receives updates, all while helping businesses adhere to industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Accessibility to Advanced Features: More included advanced features than on-premises ERP.
  • Reduced Downtime: Minimizing the risk of downtime that can often affect on-premises systems.
  • Green Computing: Cloud data centers are energy efficient, reducing the environmental impact compared to running on-premises servers.

These are just some of the benefits a cloud ERP system can offer a business. It is, however, essential to carefully evaluate your business’s specific needs, budget, and security concerns when considering if a cloud-based ERP solution is the best fit for you. Once you decide it is indeed for you, select a reputable ERP solution provider and partner for implementation and proper data migration.

2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Elite Partner with over 30 years’ experience with Epicor solutions. Give our team a call today to learn more about Epicor Kinetic ERP and how this cloud ERP system can change how your business operates!

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