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Microsoft Power BI DashBoards designed for Epicor

Discover insights hidden in your Epicor data with Microsoft BI.

  • Prebuilt Dashboards that plug into your Epicor data.
  • Works with Epicor Cloud, Epicor in Azure and on-premise installations.
  • Completely secure and confidential. Information stays in your Microsoft M365 tenant.
  • Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions.
  • Scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.
  • Pre-built, custom data connector.
  • Industry-leading data security capabilities including sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring.

Executive Summary

  • Open accounts receivable/payable grouped by aging, customer, and vendor
  • Total open orders
  • Booked orders
  • Shipped orders
  • High-level reports for Executives to receive a daily overview of business operations

Materials Review

The Materials Review template focuses on everything around materials management. It highlights:

  • Tracking deliveries
  • Managing purchase orders
  • Managing inventory
  • Monitoring on-time delivery percentages
  • Analyzes vendor spending and purchase price variances

Production Review

The Production Review template focuses on pulling the data around labor and jobs out of Epicor. It highlights:

  • How each employee is spending their time in regard to direct vs. indirect tasks
  • Every employee’s capacity so it can be used in forecasting bandwidth and labor for upcoming jobs
  • Job review. It monitors jobs to see whether they went over/under their estimated hours on a job
  • Revenue per hour and how that compares to their goal

Sales Review

The Sales Review template focuses on pulling data around sales orders and quotes from Epicor. It highlights:

  • Sales Trends: Who are your top customers? View trends month over month, year over year
  • Quote Analysis: How much is being quoted? How many quotes are converted into sales?
  • Order Details: View the specifics of each order
  • Customer Map – Location-based analytics around customers

Vendor Scorecard

The vendor scorecard is designed to focus on a single vendor for analysis on the following metrics in more detail:

  • On-time delivery %
  • Total spend
  • Purchase price variance
  • Average Lead Time
Click here to view the Vendor Scorecard Template