Smart Manufacturing Interest is High


If your manufacturing organization has fallen behind the smart manufacturing trend, you are far from alone. Look at the silver lining, there is no time like the present to jump ahead of the pack.   In 2022, most companies are still new to smart manufacturing and are making slow progress with adoption. However, interest is high, based on the results of the 2022 ISG Global Smart Manufacturing Pulse Survey released in April.   

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The survey found 73 percent have less than two years of ongoing smart manufacturing experience, and 70 percent say they are making slow to minimal progress on their roadmap.   

More than half the enterprises surveyed said that direct cost savings (64 percent) or indirect cost savings through waste reduction and sustainability measures (57 percent) are the top objectives for their smart manufacturing initiatives.   

Survey respondents identified organizational resistance to change as a top challenge for these initiatives (57 percent), followed by integrating IT with operational technology (34 percent).   

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