Simplify Your Hybrid Work Environment


One of the challenges associated with the hybrid work setup is keeping track of where your employees will be working and when they will be onsite or working remotely. An update to Microsoft Office will eliminate employers’ guesswork in 2022 with a feature designed to give users the ability to announce where they are and when they will always be available.

Microsoft Outlook is working on a new feature that will allow workers more flexibility and efficiency when working away from the office. The update entitled “working hours and location” will allow users to set a notice showing where they are working, whether that be at home, in the office, or anywhere else.  

According to Microsoft, the new working hours and location options in Outlook let people set more flexible working hours each day and specify the location from where they plan to work. 

The update is scheduled for general availability for all web Outlook users with a targeted release date of June 2022.  

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