Signs It Is Time To Switch ERP Software Providers


If you are anything like me, when you make a large purchase you put a lot of time and effort into choosing what product you want. The larger the price tag, the more due diligence you would conduct on competing products, as well as features and benefits to each product. This same line of thinking should be applied when you are ready for an upgrade or replacement system on anything with a hefty price tag. Switching ERP software providers is no small matter. Many are resistant to change due to financial constraints, time implementation, training may needed, as well as operational changes that may need to take place.

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How do you know when you’ve reached the point where making a change is worth it? Here are some signs to look for to let you know when your ERP software needs replaced.

  • Vendor Support is lacking or non-existent. It’s not too much to expect that when you have a critical issue, someone is there to assist. For an investment as large as an ERP, you certainly are paying enough for a functioning system. Don’t settle for less.
  • Vendor is growing too quickly. If your business has grown to the point where your Vendor is unable to prioritize your needs and the platform itself has evolved into something that no longer matches your own workflows or fits your budget. Growing too quickly can mean a lot of turnover, which means lack of consistent support and contacts within your Vendor.
  • Your business is growing too quickly. Perhaps it is your company scaling up quickly and the smaller vendor you chose a year ago can’t keep pace. Maybe they don’t offer the features or analytics you need to manage an expanded supply chain or complex resource allocation.
  • Lack of industry knowledge. How can you ensure your system is helping maximize your operational efficiencies if your Vendor doesn’t understand your market at all? You can’t.
  • Guidance becomes sales. Most companies want to be aware of new products and services that will improve their processes and ultimately help them serve clients better. But there’s a difference between trying to add value and trying to squeeze more money out of a long-time customer. Especially, when they are trying to charge your for what should be an included product/service.
  • Declining user experience. The first major sign you need a new ERP system is when your employees work around your ERP software, eliminate steps, or manually create processes, because it’s easier than using the ERP system you have installed.

If it’s time to switch ERP software providers, you’ll likely notice more than one of these signs. Your provider should be dedicated to supporting your business needs, providing reliable support, and maintaining a cutting-edge platform. Give 2W Tech a call today if your business needs a new ERP system. We are a Gold Epicor partner and specialize in Manufacturing solutions.

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