Shipping Integration to UPS via Quick Ship will be Affected Soon


As of June 3, 2024, Shipping Integration to UPS via Quick Ship will be Affected. 

Because of a notable change UPS will be making to its Application Programming Interface (API) authentication process, the access key authentication method will no longer be supported. Instead, UPS has implemented a more secure OAuth 2.0 security model.

If you are a Quick Ship in the Cloud customer, the update will be automatically applied to your Pilot environment on May 1, followed by Production on May 23. However, please note there are still some steps that need to be taken to ensure proper authentication and configuration of your UPS account.

For on-premises customers, your required actions are dependent upon your Quick Ship release based on the Epicor’s Lifecycle Policy.

For all releases of Manifest, and Quick Ship releases below 2022.2: To continue shipping with UPS via the integration, you will be required to upgrade to an active release version of Quick Ship or migrate to Quick Ship in the Cloud.

For Quick Ship releases 2022.2 and higher, an update is now available to enable UPS integration via OAuth 2.0. The update is available on EpicWeb.

To request assistance from 2WTech with upgrading, updating, or re-configuring the UPS integration, please visit the link below to make a request.

Please visit our Quick Ship information page (Quick Ship – 2WTech) to learn more and for directions on how to determine if you are affected by this change. There is also a form on that page you can complete and a representative from 2W Tech will be in touch to discuss your options.

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Remember to update your integration promptly to avoid any disruptions in your UPS shipping services.

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