Selecting the Right ERP Consultant


If you have already been through an ERP installation, then you probably already understand the importance of working with the right Consultant. We have spoken to many organizations that have bad experiences with the technology partner they chose, various reasons cited. Some worked with a partner that didn’t understand their industry or the needs of their company, didn’t work with the urgency of deadlines, went over budget, or maybe was just plain difficult to work with. Choosing the right partner is crucial to having a successful ERP implementation. But how do you choose the correct one?Here are some tips to help you choose the right Consultant:stick_figures_team_puzzle_300_clr_9689

  • Be prepared. Don’t go into the situation blind. Have a list of questions you want to uncover the answers to when you meet with the Consultant. Also go into
    the meeting with what answers you need to hear to be comfortable hiring them. Some potential questions could be:1. What qualities do you need to see in your Consultant and did they meet those?
    2. What is your budget and how do they fair in matching that?
    3. What is your time frame and do they agree that is feasible?
    4. What are you willing to compromise on and what are you not?
    What are they asking you to compromise on?
  • Choose someone that will fit into your organization. ERP installations are very involved and lengthy projects. You must choose someone that will mesh with the members of your staff and not cause any problems that could cause delays. This Consultant will be spending a large amount of time within your organization and finding a partner that fits into the environment and works well with your internal team will help move the project along the right path.
  • Have a plan. Before selecting a Consultant, have a written plan of action prepared. This should include the budget for the project and Consultant fees, performance measurements, and time frames and milestones that need hit. This way you already have your project scope defined and won’t settle for a partner that can’t help you complete the project and your goals.
  • Define your end goal. When you are meeting with Consultants, know your end game. Then you can have them create a plan that works backwards with milestones and deadlines. This will help ensure you end up where you need to be going. Choose a Consultant that has strong project management skills and can effectively build you a plan that can meet your needs and manage it along the way.
  • Offer full disclosure. Just like your ERP Consultant is an expert at ERP systems, you are an expert at knowing your own company. The Consultant won’t have intimate knowledge of your organization and its needs. The better they understand your industry and business processes, the more successful your ERP project will be.

The success and longevity of your ERP system is contingent upon the people involved in the project. This does not just include the users of the system, but also the Consultant you choose. Our Epicor ERP Consultant team has hundreds of installations and years and years of experience under our belts. We strive to become an extension of your organization and will work with you to make your ERP project a huge success. Give us a call today to learn more about whether we would be a good partner to work with for your ERP initiative.

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