Security Reigns with Microsoft Teams


When we were all forced to work from home in March, Zoom seemed to have a stranglehold on the video conferencing market. However, a series of privacy and security flaws has forced many companies to seek alternatives, and Microsoft Teams is coming out looking like the program to beat.

For anyone who has Microsoft Office 365, Teams has been available for some time now. The app offers all the bells and whistles of a product produced by Microsoft, including video conferencing with special invitations, chat functionality, and dynamic screening to highlight individuals who are speaking at any given time.

Those functions are quite similar to what Zoom offers. But Microsoft Teams is proving far more secure than Zoom, which has had its problems with “Zoomboming” as well as the revelation that video chats are available online for anyone to view.

Microsoft, on the other hand, safeguards its users’ privacy within the design of the program. The company’s privacy commitment to its users include:

  • Never using your Teams data to serve ads;
  • Never tracking participant attention or multitasking in Teams meetings;
  • Deleting data after the termination or expiration of your subscription;
  • Taking strong measures to ensure access to user data is restricted and carefully defining requirements for responding to government requests for data;
  • Allowing users to access their own customer data at any time for any reason; and
  • Offering regular transparency reports on Microsoft’s Transparency Hub, which details how the company has responded to third-party requests for data.

Microsoft also offers multi-factor authentication to access the Teams application; uses Secure Real-time Transport Protocol for video, audio and desktop sharing; and meets more than 90 regulatory and industry standards like HIPAA, GDPR, SOC and FERPA.

If your organization has not made the move to Microsoft Team yet, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in Microsoft solutions. Let us help introduce the benefits of Microsoft Teams to your team.

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