Over the last few months, many organizations shifted to a working remote setup after countless years of on-site operations. For most, it was a few days of panic and chaos trying to ensure every employee had the right hardware, software and licenses to perform their job duties without interruptions. Remote work if not approached the right way can be expensive to a company’s bottom line. However, with the correct strategy, cloud computing can actually save your company money.

Cloud computing can drastically cut down or eliminate hardware costs. You can host your applications on the cloud, enabling a user to run them through a web browser even if the software is not installed on their device. Hosted applications use the cloud provider’s resources, so most devices can handle accessing the applications, even older machines.

The cost savings for cloud computing really comes from not having to invest in newer devices for your staff and in the cost savings from wasting your time downloading the software. You only pay for the resources as you use them, so scalability with cloud computing is a key factor, especially if the headcount at your business fluctuates frequently.

The ability to work remote has now become essential to a business’s survival and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. Cloud computing facilitates a remote work environment in the easiest and most cost efficient manner. Make sure your business has a cloud strategy, as well as a working remote plan in place to maximize your business efficiencies. 2W Tech is a technology service provider, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Give us a call today to learn more about Microsoft Azure cloud and how it can change the way your business operates.

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