Your operations generate so much data every second of every day, it is unsurprising how daunting getting any insights from it can be. If you rely on Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud, you are fortunate to have access to several services that can help you make sense of it all.  Rely on Microsoft Azure Data Analytics Services to improve your business processes. 

Some of the key data analytics services available in Microsoft Azure include:   

  • Azure Analysis Services – If you are using SQL Server Analysis Services for business intelligence, Analysis Services offers an enterprise-grade analytics engine as a cloud service so you can also connect to Power BI.   
  • Azure Data Factory – This is a code-free data movement and data transformation pipeline that makes it easier to integrate data from various sources into data warehouses.   
  • Azure Data Explorer – This is a big data analytics platform that you can use for exploring data using KQL, which is short for Kusto Query Language. Azure Data Explorer is used to store and query data in services such as Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Sentinel and Log Analytics in Azure Monitor.   
  • Azure Data Lake Analytics – Data lakes enable users to store structured and unstructured data to explore with new questions that have not been previously asked. Azure Data Lake Analytics helps users extract, clean, and prepare Azure Data Lake.   
  • Azure Synapse Analytics – Synapse Analytics gives users the capabilities of cloud data warehouse and data lake services but lets you run your preferred analytic engine – via SQL or Spark – over all your data, structured and unstructured.   
  • Azure Databricks – To spin up Spark lusters on demand for transforming, cleaning and enriching data, Azure Databricks is an Apache Spark-based big data analytics service optimized for Azure with data adapters for various data types and an interactive workspace for building Spark dataflows.   
  • Datamarts in Power BI – These are a fully managed, self-service no-code option for up to 100 GB of data with workloads automatically optimized for performance and a user interface that looks like Power Query. Datamart discovers relationships between tables and generates the dataset, combining the semantic model of Power BIO with the relational database model.   

Need more reasons to bring the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud into your operations? Time to talk to 2W Tech. We are a Microsoft Gold partner with experts on staff who can walk you through the many benefits of Microsoft Azure and help get your adoption journey started. Call us today to learn more.   

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