Manufacturers struggle every day with being as efficient as they possibly can and waste is their number one obstacle. Manufacturing companies tend to carry excess inventory and raw materials, making waste near impossible to avoid. They also spend hours on mundane tasks and lose money to countless project mistakes, causing your business to potentially lose customers and money. Epicor ERP is an enterprise resource planning software built for the precise needs of mid-sized and large businesses involved in manufacturing and can help reduce downtime most businesses are facing.

The first step in solving downtime is figuring out where the downtime occurs. Epicor Mattec MES automates production monitoring by using trackers that detect downtime in real time, which then sends alerts to the factory floor showing the exact location of the problem. Automated production monitoring is integral to improving overall equipment effectiveness and plant productivity, not to mention decreasing machine downtime.

Epicor ERP offers access to real-time data, increasing your chances at greater accuracy in decision making. Not to mention it increases the ease of collaboration between departments, creating a more efficient, highly motivated team that is poised for success.

Failure to perform regular maintenance on shop floor machinery puts your business at risk since this can lead to unexpected breakdowns or equipment jams. Regular maintenance reduces machinery malfunctions, keeps machines operating for a long time. Epicor MES offers machine and tool preventative maintenance (PM) and automated alarms and notices for PM to help operators stay on top of their machines’ performance. This allows your business to keep up with maintenance schedules, equipment performance and statistical quality, ensuring your production lines operates smoothly.

Your business has the choice of which tools you deploy. Epicor ERP helps manufacturers harness data and automation to stay productive and profitable and reduce downtime. Your business also has the choice of partners. 2W Tech is a full-service ERP and IT Consulting firm that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are also an Epicor Gold Partner and having been deploying Epicor solutions for over 30 years. Give us a call today to get started

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