Recent Epicor Performance Issues Following February Microsoft Updates


We have been closely following recent reports of performance degradation in Epicor ERP, associated with recent Microsoft patches or upgrades. To sum up a big problem in a few words, the performance of the Epicor client became very poor. This issue affects computers where the Epicor ERP Client is run, either on the PC or on the server, but does not affect the Epicor server components.

2W Technologiesone of the largest Epicor partners in the United States and holding several Microsoft Gold certifications, has been working with Microsoft to find a solution for this issue.  With Microsoft, we have developed a temporary work-around for this issue.  After testing with several clients we are able to report that it greatly improved overall performance. 

While this patch fixes performance issues for now, our expectation is that Epicor and Microsoft will issue a long-term fix. 

We do not recommend uninstalling, or ignoring Microsoft updates to return Epicor ERP client performance back to normal performance levels.  You may be fixing one issue, but you are exposing yourself to others.  Ignoring or blocking Microsoft patch may put the rest of your infrastructure at risk. 

We are making this patch available at no charge to current 2W Tech clients.  Please reach out to to arrange delivery. If you are currently not a client of 2W Tech, we can still help you with the installation or mass deployment of this work-around for a nominal charge.

2W Technologies, INC provides no guarantees or warranties for this update. Be aware this is intended to be a temporary fix and may not work in the future.

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