Selecting an ERP system is a huge task for an organization, regardless of how much experience you have with technology solutions. Whether an individual or a committee is being tasked, you need to prioritize features and functionality that is important to your business. Every business will have unique needs, but there is a common list that can help with the selection process. 

  • Evaluate cloud-based ERP systems:  As technologies continue to modernize and evolve, implementing a cloud-based ERP system sets a business up for future growth, in both business size and technology changes.  
  • Evaluate industry-specific ERP systems: Industry specific ERP systems will have built-in features and functionality specific to your business already in place. This limits the number of customizations that are needed right off the bat.  
  • Ensure there is a module for every crucial area/department within the business: Not all ERP system are built the same. If you are considering industry-specific ERP systems only, this will not matter. But if you are not, this is a key area you need to pay attention to. You need to ensure Finance, Operations, HR, and all the others have the functionality and data needed to continue to effectively do their jobs.  
  • Choose to automate your ERP system: Automating your ERP system can reduce inventory and manufacturing expenses, while improving sales volume and productivity. 
  • Look for a platform that are no-code/low-code: Enables more users to engage with tools and techniques. It makes the tool more accessible, particularly for data analysis.  

This priority list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but more a starting place for an organization when they begin their evaluation. Focusing on these priorities will ensure that your new ERP system acts as a launching point for modern technology innovation within your business strategies.  

Considering implementing a new ERP system? Let us help. 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 30 years’ experience with Epicor solutions. Call us today and let our team of experienced ERP Consultants review the benefits and features of Epicor Kinetic ERP.  

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