Power BI Dashboard Templates Designed for Epicor ERP


Power BI dashboards for Epicor are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of various aspects of business operations by leveraging data from the Epicor ERP system. These dashboards are tailored to meet the needs of different departments within an organization, offering insights that can help in decision-making and performance monitoring.

The innovative team at 2W Tech worked hard to create Power BI Dashboard templates for Epicor to make it easier for companies to get focused departmental information.

  1. Executive Summary: This dashboard offers executives a daily overview of business operations, including key metrics like open accounts receivable/payable, total open orders, booked orders, and shipped orders, grouped by aging, customer, and vendor.
  2. Materials Review: This template emphasizes materials management by tracking deliveries, managing purchase orders and inventory, and analyzing vendor spending and purchase price variances.
  3. Production Review: This dashboard tracks labor and job-related data, including employee time allocation between direct and indirect tasks, capacity forecasting, job review for estimated hours, and revenue per hour compared to goals.
  4. Sales Review: This template focuses on sales orders and quotes from Epicor, highlighting sales trends, quote analysis, order details, and location-based analytics related to customers.
  5. Vendor Scorecard: This dashboard is tailored for analyzing a single vendor and offers detailed metrics, including on-time delivery percentage, total spend, purchase price variance, and average lead time.

Dashboards come with a wealth of features, including numerous data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, seamless Excel integration, and customizable data connectors. Additionally, they prioritize top-tier data security, incorporating features like sensitively labeling, end-to-end encryption and real-time access monitoring.

Power BI Dashboards for Epicor are a powerful tool for executives and managers to gain insights and make informed decisions based on real-time data from their Epicor ERP system. Contact the team at 2W Tech to get started with your Power BI dashboards today!

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