The world we live in today is a connected one, everything around us generates data. Imagine if you could view that data, process that data, apply insights, in the context where it was created. Now, with the Power BI Mobile app, you can. 

Data in space is a new Power BI Mobile feature that uses augmented reality to create spatial anchors in the real world and attach Power BI data to them. Spatial anchors are used across augmented reality (AR) platforms, “anchors” are a common frame of reference for enabling multiple users to place digital content in the same physical location, where it can be seen on different devices in the same position and orientation relative to the environment. This data can then be connected to the physical environment it describes.  

With Data in space, users can connect business data to real-world scenarios like facility management, manufacturing, or retail. Employees can easily discover and use it for better and more informed decision-making.  

To create this feature, Power BI has partnered with the Azure Spatial Anchors to integrate Azure Spatial Anchors with the Power BI Mobile iOS app. The Azure spatial anchors technology enables the app to understand spaces, mark specific places of interest, and remember those points of interest. It then allows the app to search a space and look for anchors created in that space.   

By using Azure Spatial Anchors, Power BI makes it possible for one device to read a spatial anchor created in a space by another device, thus making for a real cross-device experience. Later this year, Power BI will release Data in Space support for Android, which will enable a cross-platform experience, making it possible for everyone in an organization to participate in the Data in space experience.   

If you would like to learn more about the Power BI app or about Microsoft 365 in general, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a technology service provider with an extensive line-card of products and services. 

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