Power BI App For Microsoft Teams


Microsoft just announced new Power BI experiences coming to Microsoft Teams to make it easier to search and find your data. The Power BI app for Microsoft Teams is currently available for commercial cloud customers.  The new Power BI app enables users to quickly discover, search and discuss data all will remaining in Teams.  You can view reports, dashboards, and apps right from Home and it includes pretty much everything that you can do in Power BI in a browser. Just another way Microsoft is improving the customer experience.

Also added is a new search feature in Teams where you can quickly find recent reports, dashboards, and apps and open them within the Power BI app for Teams. Currently the item opens in a web browser, but when the roll-out completes, the links will open in the Power BI app for Teams instead.

A feature that was released several months ago was sending links to reports and dashboards directly to specific people, channels, or meeting chats by using Chat within Teams. The links keep all the filters and slicers you apply in your Power BI report, so that when recipients open the link, they see the exact data points you want them to see. Think of how much time you will save no longer having to describe specific locations and talking points within a report. Instead, you can pinpoint exact locations and click send.

Coming in the near future, you will be able to discover available datasets from across the organization directly from the Power BI app in Teams. You we be able to quickly generate a Power BI report or choose to analyze and explore the data in Excel.

The Power BI app for Teams is available for organizations to pin to the Teams left navigation by default for their users so they always have quick access to it. If you would like to learn more about the Power BI app for Teams or Microsoft 365 in general, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a technology service provider with an extensive line card of products and services.

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