One Disaster Could End Your Business


You may be thinking really, one disaster could end my business? YES! Now, its not everyday a disaster of that magnitude hits a business, but it’s certainly happening more and more often than it did years ago. Even if the disaster wasn’t large enough to wipe out your entire business, could you withstand a day or even a week of downtime? Have you ever stopped to calculate what a day of lost productivity would cost your business. Depending on the size of your business, that could be an astronomical number. So here is the real question: is your business protected from disaster?
If the answer is you are not sure or a flat out NO, you need to stop what you are doing(well after your finish this article) and rectify this situation. Every business needs to have backup and disaster recovery protection, as well as a plan. This is basically purchasing 100% insurance for your business. Assurance that if a disaster hits your business, all our your data is backed up in an offsite location and your server can be accessed in minutes. By doing this, you are minimizing the productivity loss and missed opportunities that could face your business when you are offline. It is not enough to just back up your data; give your organization the ability to access your data in the cloud until your systems can get back up and running.
Over the weekend, 2W Tech got a call from an organization that was suffering a disaster and needed immediate IT assistance. Their organization caught fire over the weekend and it resulted in losing most of their IT equipment. They basically lost their total IT Infrastructure, their servers are so damaged we have yet to be able to see if anything on them can be accessed. This organization is basically dead in the water, they can’t access any of their data, including any of their financials. They took zero steps to ensure their business was protected from this type of situation happening to them and so as a result, they were completely vulnerable. Could your business survive if this happened to you? I bet if you asked the Leadership team of this organization, they would rewind time if they could and spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on a backup and disaster recovery solution without batting an eye.
Don’t put your organization at risk of this happening to you. Any amount of downtime can be severely damaging to a business’ bottom line and reputation. Make sure your business is protected from unwanted disruptions. Organizations today need more than just a backup solution for their business, you need a product that gives you not only backup, but also disaster recovery. 2W Tech offers a backup and disaster recovery solution that offers clients an affordable and comprehensive solution to ensure their systems are readily available in case of system issues or disaster. It gives them an alternative to traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions that tend to be overly complex and extremely pricey. Don’t risk your business one more day, give us a call today.

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