Office 365 Business Boosts Manufacturing in Many Ways


There are countless individual apps that can help your manufacturing business boost productivity and make communication more clear for your employees and stakeholders alike. But only Office 365 Business offers the complete bundle for operations like yours, saving you and your IT department from having to find interoperability between a number of different products.

Office 365 Business is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications and online productivity services, as well as business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage. One of the most important capabilities Office 365 for business has to offer manufacturers is a simplified format for open communication.

Just a few years back, global manufacturer Jabil had a communication environment that saw its IT department investing a significant amount of time and money to ensure its platforms and third-party apps provided the workforce with efficient, interoperable tools. The company made the shift to Office 365 as a way to simplify and consolidate its IT environment and reap the benefits of a fully integrated productivity platform.

Office 365 Business also helps managers keep up-to-date information flowing across the supply chain and into distribution, resulting in improved delivery time and lower inventory costs. Other segments of a manufacturing team can use Skype and Yammer for improved communication, bolstering employee and customer satisfaction.

There is also improved agility to be had by moving to Office 365 Business. One manufacturer moved its IT services to the subscription service, and its IT services were more reliable, secure and agile. Office 365 modules allow manufacturers to connect to plants in real time to avoid production issues, foster innovation and improve service.

Using Office 365 modules, businesses can improve agility, consolidate their IT environment and bolster communication. Have you made the leap to Office 365 for your operations? If not, 2W Tech can guide the way. We are a full-service IT consulting firm that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are also a Microsoft Gold Partner and would be happy to help your organization maximize your Office 365 potential. Contact us today.

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