How can the federal government create standards that protect organizations like yours from the potential risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) without slowing down innovation? Well, a plan is in place from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, so time will tell how this will add value to your organization. Earlier this month, NIST released a plan for prioritizing federal agency engagement in the development of standards for AI. The plan recommends that the federal government commit to deeper, consistent, long-term engagement in activities to help the U.S. speed the pace of reliable, robust and trustworthy AI technology development.

A February 2019 Executive Order directed NIST to develop a plan that would, among other objectives, ensure that technical standards minimize vulnerability to attacks from malicious actors and reflect federal priorities for innovation, public trust, and public confidence in systems that use AI technologies. Also, NIST will develop international standards to promote and protect those priorities.

The plan recommends the federal government bolster AI standards-related knowledge, leadership and coordination among agencies that develop or use AI. It also recommends promoting focused research on the trustworthiness of AI systems, as well as supporting and expanding public-private partnership while engaging with international parties, too.

Not only will you have to comply with whatever future standards come from these recommendations, but potential clients will expect you to be in compliance, as well — or, they’ll find a competitor who is.

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