Microsoft keeps finding ways to improve their already pretty awesome Microsoft Teams. Included in the latest updates in May were video refinements, suggested replies in chat for more languages, and a new Updates app to help organize team tasks.

The Microsoft Teams app is now available in the Microsoft Store. This allows Windows 10 users a new place to install the app for personal, work and school accounts. Windows 11 users can download the Teams app for work and school account from the Store, but not for personal accounts. Windows 11 includes a built-in Teams chat app for consumers.  

Microsoft also introduced two new filters to improve video quality. Soft focus creates a smoothing effect and the adjust brightness filter is for poorly lit scenarios. The filters can be set during or before a meeting starts using your device settings.  

Organizers for video meetings will also get a new control to set Teams together mode for all participants. Together mode places all participants faces in the same virtual room. This can be turned on by clicking the Select Together Mode after choosing a scene. This feature is currently limited to Teams desktop app users.  

Anyone who uses virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and VMWare have gained multi-window support, allowing them to create pop-out chats, meetings, and call-in separate windows.  

Another new update Microsoft announced is a new app called Updates in Teams. It lets employees create, submit, and review their updates, check-ins, and reports from a central place. The app will come in handy for employees who make regular updates or have regular projects occurring, and the workflows can be shared between employees. Microsoft templates include maintenance request, shift handoff, daily update, facility inspection and more. It is a central place for colleagues to review updates as they are completed.  

Microsoft Teams is a cool collaboration tool that helps organizations seamlessly work together regardless of job role or location. If your team has not yet began to use it, give 2W Tech a call today to learn more about all the cool features and functionalities it can offer your business. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Microsoft Gold partner.

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