New Meeting, Places, and Platform Updates Coming to Microsoft Teams


Part One of this blog series, we covered what chat and collaboration features are new/coming in Microsoft Teams as announced at Microsoft Build. Part two is going to cover what features were announced to improve meetings, places, and platforms.

In meetings:

  • Intelligent Recap for Transcription-only Meetings: Meetings will soon be supported by intelligent recap by providing AI-generated summaries for more types of meetings. Sometimes, meeting participants may choose to transcribe a meeting without recording it. Teams Premium and Copilot for Microsoft 365 licensed users will be able to access those AI-generated notes, tasks, and names mentioned in the meeting. The meeting must be recorded to access timeline markers for join/leave, screen sharing, speaker timeline, topics, and chapters markers. This feature will start rolling out in June.
  • Intelligent Recap Support for Scheduled Channel Meetings: Teams Premium and Copilot for Microsoft 365 licensed users can easily browse meeting recordings by speakers and topics. They can also access AI-generated meeting notes, AI-generated tasks, and name mentions after the channel meeting ends. This feature is already available.
  • Manage who can Record and Transcribe Meetings: This feature helps keep confidential meetings protected with expanded controls for managing who can initiate transcription. Meeting. With using Teams Premium, meeting organizations will see a control called “Who can record and transcribe” in the meeting options, offering two choices: (1) organizations and co-organizers, or (2) organizers, co-organizers, and presenters. Giving the organizer the freedom to manage which roles can initiate recording and transcription for a meeting. This functionality will start rolling out in June.
  • Prevent Users from Sharing Content in Externally Hosted Meetings: IT administrators have control over which externally hosted meeting users and enabled to share content using a “No other orgs.” They can set the policy to “Trusted orgs and guests” to allows users to share content in external meetings when the meeting host is on a list of trusted organizations. This feature is already available with a Teams Premium license.

In places:

  • Microsoft Places Public Preview: This app reimages flexible work to drive effectiveness and engagement of the workplace and can be used across the surfaces that are used to regularly collaborate on and coordinate work, such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Places is now available in public preview.
  • Location Plan: Microsoft Places’ location plan allows you to coordinate about when and where you are working-in-person and gives you the ability to set and share location schedules with peers. These plans can be updated any time in Outlook or in Places to keep team members up to date.
  • Peek Cards: To facilitate in-person meetings with coworkers, peek cards are quick reference guides that provide more information about the people you work with and the spaces you work in. A link on the peek card allows you to see all your coworkers’ schedules in the Places app.
  • Expanded Presence: This feature is available and visible across different Microsoft 365 apps and gives heightened awareness of who is nearby. This makes is easier to swing by a co-worker’s desk or schedule a lunch together. In Teams group chats, coworkers can see participant locations or type ‘@nearby’ to notify those around them about an activity or a meeting room change.

In platform:

  • Enhancements to Custom Calling Experiences Connected to Microsoft Teams: Teams can be part of custom branded apps or a website to connect with customers using video calls and chat. A number of new features already widely used in Teams itself are now available to embed in custom apps and website experiences build with Azure Communication Services including:
    • PowerPoint Live
    • Live reactions
    • File sharing during a meeting
    • Real time transcription using Azure AI Speech
    • Closed captions
    • Picture-in-picture for IOS and Android
    • Noise suppression during a video call
    • Stream live audio using the Audio Streaming API
    • Call diagnostic center

That is a lot of exciting new features coming to Microsoft Teams! We cannot wait to start engaging with them.

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