New Epicor Resource For Users


If you are an Epicor ERP user, spend some time checking out, a new Epicor resource. This newly created website is a modern discussion forum for users at any level, technical support staff and more. Membership is free but you are required to register before you can post or join in any discussion. You are able to contribute your ideas, questions and insights in this growing community (formerly Vantage from Yahoo Groups). They have rules in place that protect users from harm or spamming of any kind.
If you are anything like me, you will need to spend some time reading and poking around on this forum before you can make an informed decision on whether joining is worth your time. I was impressed by the way the topics are organized, making it easy to navigate through the site. You can choose to read topics by these categories:

  • E10
  • E9
  • Vantage 8
  • Off Topic
  • Yahoo Archive (content from former forum moved over and archived here)
  • FAQ
  • Site Feedback

The latest topic posts are also visible, so you can choose to read by topic instead of by category. It’s quite interesting to see so much help offered to users that post about a problem they are having. Both peers and technology professions appear to weigh in with advice. One big benefit I can see is that many of the topics posted are minor issues nagging a user, but not necessarily stopping them from completing their daily functions. Most organizations don’t want to bring these types of issues to their ERP Consultant, so this is a great alternative vs. paying for technical support. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of topics and issues that are better suited for your ERP Consultant than the forum. This forum serves as a means of discussion and troubleshooting as a complement to Epicor Technical Support. Utilizing both throughout the life of your ERP system seems like a no-brainer.
Another benefit I can see from this forum is it gives users suggestions on things they can do to improve ERP functionality. Some users may not even be aware of certain improvements that can be made, so this could bring it to their attention.
If you are having any technical difficulties with your Epicor ERP system, I encourage you to check out the forum and see if others are having the same issue. 2W Tech is a Certified Epicor Partner and would be happy to work through your technical issues with you. Contact us today.
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