Microsoft Teams has really been stepping up their game over the last year to compete with Zoom and Google Meets. Not only are they competing, but all the updates and new features they have introduced in the last 12 months has made them the clear cut business communication platform leader.

The newest features Teams has introduced is meeting recaps. Meeting recaps will let you get caught up on a meeting you missed or revisit what was discussed. Recaps include chat message history, notes, recordings, and transcripts, if available. This feature has started rolling out to some users, with a full rollout expected by the end of February.

Another new addition is Presenter View for Microsoft Teams, which is coming to Teams later this month and will allow users to keep track of their presentations while leading a meeting. Presenter View will allow presenters to view their slides alongside any notes they’ve made, as well as see thumbnails of upcoming slides at the bottom of the Teams meeting Window.

Added just this week to Teams is approvals. Approvals lets users create, manage, and share projects sign-offs directly within Teams. Each approval request is displayed along with details such as the status, source, and the person who requested and approved each project. Users can review the details of the request and any files included in the approval. Look for Microsoft to add electronic signature approval features to this in the coming months.

Some of their other newest features include Dynamic mode, which highlights the speaker window and prioritizes participants who are sharing video. Together mode, places video meeting participants in the same virtual room.  And then there is video filters, which lets users adjust lighting, gives them the use of live emoji reactions, and displays appearing messages over video as chat bubbles. All these were in addition to the custom background feature they rolled out last year as well.

If your business has not made the shift to Microsoft 365 and Teams, now is the time to see what the fuss is all about. Microsoft 365 is the leading office product suite and productivity tools for business, and Microsoft Teams is the leading business communication platform. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Microsoft Gold Partner. Give us a call today and let us introduce your business to the Microsoft 365 product suite.

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