Moving to the cloud is no longer a why move conversation but rather a how to move to gain the competitive advantage. In the Epicor Insights survey, it was revealed the cloud prioritization among midsize essential businesses accelerated from 25% consideration in 2020 to 94% adopting cloud this year.

“A key takeaway from this year’s study is the sea change in attitude towards cloud as a critical business accelerant. Leaders have moved from consideration to adoption. While the companies who make, move and sell what is most essential to economic growth may be all aboard the cloud train, the data suggests their implementation needs vary vastly,” stated Steve Murphy, CEO, Epicor Software Corporation, during his keynote address at the annual customer Insights conference. He added: “This is no longer a ‘why move’ conversation but rather a ‘how to move’ to gain advantage – which is exactly why Epicor will continue to prioritize partnership, and we are proud to share that our dedicated migration teams currently support over 75% of implementations, a number we expect to grow.”

If your business has not adopted cloud technologies yet, you are really behind the times. Cloud solutions not only make it easier and more cost efficient as your business scales, but it makes it more convenient for remote work. Not to mention, security is easier to monitor on cloud solutions. Don’t waste anymore time with your cloud adoption. Give 2W Tech a call today and let us introduce you to Microsoft Azure. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are an Epicor Platinum partner, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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