Move from Business Skype to Microsoft Teams


The start of 2019 has been ridiculously busy for Microsoft Teams for news and announcements. The unknown migration timeline for the transition has many Office 365 users wondering when exactly they need to move from Business Skype to Microsoft Teams. There is no set migration date from either Skype for Business Online or the server edition but putting together a migration strategy soon rather than later.
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Skype for Business Microsoft Gold Partner 2W TechAll the moves Microsoft has been making has been to further enhance the priority of the Teams platform. More existing customers are being automatically upgraded from Skype to Teams, unless they choose to opt out. Teams will also now be included by default for new Office Pro Plus customers. Microsoft has a new SBC option for Safari browser users on Apple devices that will allow users to utilize Teams in a browser.  Microsoft also recently introduced Team templates for the Education, Retail and Healthcare markets.

Microsoft suggests that users run Teams and Skype for Business in parallel for a while to make sure business needs are met but are making their intentions for the two very clear. Customers have been able to take advantage of Microsoft-driven automated upgrades to shift tenants off Skype for Business and onto Teams since last year. The new functionality allows admins to move specific users or an entire tenant away from Skype for Business with a minimum of fuss and clicks.

Microsoft has chosen Microsoft Teams as their collaboration platform of the present and future, so now is the time to go all in. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and can help your organization transition completely to Teams, as well as helping you maximize your overall Office 365 potential.

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