More New Features in Microsoft Teams


How many virtual meetings have you been in since the pandemic forced your office home where people talk over people trying to get their point across? Probably too many to count. Well, Microsoft Teams just updated the raise hand feature to make it easier to notify a presenter that you have a comment or a question. The feature initially rolled out in May 2020, but now you can easily raise your hand in a meeting with a keyboard shortcut. You just have to press CTRL+SHIFT+K to either raise your hand or lower your hand.

Starting with Microsoft Teams v1.4.00.2879, which is now available in the production channel, you can hover over the navigation buttons to access the history menu. If you actively participate in multiple channels or chats and navigate between different pages of Teams, this feature is really going to save you some time. With this update, users can also access the history menu using the keyboard combination CTRL + SHIFT + H. Once done, you can simply click on any of the items to jump back into the previously visited page.

Another feature generally available in the Teams desktop app is the ability to pop out first or third-party apps into separate windows. To pop up an app in Teams, you need to open the navigation pane and click the pop out option.

These updates to existing features in Teams proves Microsoft is taking user feedback serious. Not only is Microsoft Teams consistently rolling out new features, they are improving existing features as well.

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