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Most every technology using person has or will use Microsoft Windows at some point in their life. That’s why when Microsoft hosts a Windows event, it is hard not to take notice. Last week, at the Microsoft event, they had several announcements. If you missed the event, have no fear! Just keep reading. The mantra of the event was “be bold and be right”. Being bold and being right are certainly opinions, and one that you must form on your own. Microsoft’s stock recently hit an all-time high and they have posted increasing sales year after year for their Surface devices. They recently had a regime change and with it seems to be a new direction and attitude, and as it appears, a lot of happy customers.
Here are the product announcements from the event:

  1. Surface Studio. This is new class of device that transforms from a workstation into a powerful digital canvas, unlocking a more natural and immersive way to create on the thinnest display ever built. With a 4.5k ultra HD screen, Surface Studio delivers 63 percent more pixels than a state-of-the-art 4k TV. This is for the person who has a creative mind and heart.
  2. Studio Dial. A new peripheral designed for the creative process. It integrates with Windows 10 to work with any Surface device for a faster and more intuitive way to scroll, zoom and navigate. The Dial also enables a set of unique experiences exclusive to Surface Studio. This could impress even the most creative mind.
  3. Surface Book with Performance Base. The three new Surface Book models feature 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processors and pack more than twice the graphics processing power as the original Surface Book. Plus, it brings 16 hours of battery life* into the same sleek, versatile design people love.
  4. Windows 10 Creator Update. The Creators Update will enable anyone to create, share and experience in 3D and mixed reality, connect people faster to those they care about most and empower every gamer to be a broadcaster. And with the Creators Update, Microsoft Edge will be the first browser to bring 3D to the web. It is also bringing new features to Office apps, including support for 3D models and new inking capabilities. The Windows 10 Creators Update will be the most powerful and affordable way to experience mixed reality. Microsoft announced that HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell and Acer will ship the first VR headsets capable of mixed reality through the Creators Update. Also coming next year, these accessories will contain built-in sensors to enable inside-out, six-degrees of freedom for simplified set-up and to more easily move around your home as you experience virtual worlds, no markers required. Creator Update also introduces Windows MyPeople. With MyPeople, you will be able to pin your favorite contacts to the Windows task bar, and easily drag and drop any document, photo or video right on top of the contact for easy sharing.
  5. Paint 3D and This new online community ( connects creators and creations around the world. Remix 3D will enable all new scenarios for creators to share their 3D creations broadly with the Remix 3D community.
  6. In-game broadcasting. Anyone can become a game broadcaster or watch live gameplay with Beam technology that they’re building into Windows 10 and Xbox One, and they’re also adding custom, gamer-created tournaments to Arena on Xbox Live.

It is very clear that Microsoft is taking steps to win over the heart of the maker/creator movement. It’s introducing opportunities to interact with data and other people in both the virtual and physical world. These new tools are aimed at professions such as architects, product and graphic designers, developers, marketers, etc. This could put Microsoft at the forefront of the next generation of user interfaces, something they were not able to accomplish with their mobile push. Organizations aren’t going to buy Surfaces for their entire staff, but the types of interaction models these devices champion will become common on systems from all manufacturers over the next couple of years. Microsoft’s strategy isn’t about building PCs, but rather showing a path for where devices and technology can go, for both home and office.
Most of the products announced at the event will be available in early 2017, so you have plenty of time to make your shopping list. This new direction in technology is happening fast and once a leader like Microsoft gets behind it, its usually unavoidable. If you have questions about any of the technologies above and if they could be beneficial to your organization, give us a call today. 2W Tech is an IT Consultant and Certified Microsoft Partner and would be happy to discuss how your organization could use these products.
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