Microsoft Teams Will Add Push-to-talk Walkie Talkie Feature


Years ago, my husband worked for a professional baseball team. As a way to quickly reach the staff throughout the baseball stadium, his organization utilized Nextel’s Direct Connect. This Direct Connect was Nextel’s walkie talkie device and was the feature that kept the cellular company afloat before it was sold to Sprint. Once Sprint was in control, they phased out the walkie talkie feature and its been many years since this was popular. Later this year, Microsoft will preview a push-to-talk Walkie Talkie feature as a way to re-introduce a way for co-workers to quickly reach each other.

Push-to-talk is different than the calling feature in Teams. A call gives one party the ability to accept or reject the communication, while the new Walkie Talkie feature will simply broadcast a message to a person or group of people. Microsoft will preview and promote this as a mobile app, but they most likely will have a desktop version available as well.  The Walkie Talkie will work over cellular or Wi-Fi, according to Microsoft.

This new features is a move by Microsoft to become the leading solution for managing what it calls front-line workers: cashiers, clerks,and other customer-facing employees.

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