Microsoft Teams Updated Search Function Details


In previous blog posts, we have shared the news about an updated search function coming to Microsoft Teams. This week, Microsoft has shared additional details about Teams Modern Search Results Page (SERP), which is coming soon in Preview.  

The new experience introduces new full “All” page aligned with the Microsoft search experience. This page gives users the ability to look for messages, people and files via expanded tabs, as well as sort through relevance for “top results” or date.” 

Also, Microsoft Teams’ “All” search results page has Answers, bringing the most relevant results to the top of the page. Bookmarks and acronyms are now among the new Teams search results in this new experience.  

The new Messages tab has expanded and discoverable filters, improving upon what users reported to be a UX that was too difficult to use. This tab now has filters customized for the messages domain and read/preview messages before drilling into the chat details.  

The People tab of the new search page saves users time by providing in-context details of the person with email, phone number, organization and building details.  

The Files tab comes with new preview and filters, as well. Microsoft Teams users reach can reach their desired file faster. This feature offers filers for “file type,” “date” and “modified by.” Users also can preview the file before opening it with screenshot and metadata details.  

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