Microsoft Teams Update Gives Better Call Protection


Microsoft Teams is getting an update that aims to minimize unwanted distractions by shielding users from pranksters and scammers. I don’t know about you, but I receive about 5 calls a day through Microsoft Teams that come from an unknown number. Microsoft Teams users will soon receive an alert in the event they receive a call from a suspicious number. This will help tremendously when deciding when to answer or not.

The spam call notification feature automatically evaluates incoming calls and identifies probable spam calls as ‘spam likely’ in the call log. Users will have the option to answer or reject the call, and all ‘spam likely’ called (regardless of whether they were answered or rejected) will also be reflected in the call history. This should help Teams users from falling for call-based scams, as well as shielding against spam and other solicitations.

This can also help businesses build a blacklist for their organizations to prevent those calls from even coming through to users in the future.

This new feature is expected to roll-out by the end of the month.

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