Microsoft Teams to Finally Let You Archive Inactive Channels


Microsoft Teams is one of the best social collaboration platforms on the market with messaging capabilities that rival even the best messaging apps. It has been adding features and functionality month after month since its inception. One basic functionality that has been lacking, which has been a surprise for most users because many of the top rival platforms have it, is the ability to archive Teams channels that are no longer in use.

Microsoft just announced late last week that the archiving channel feature for Microsoft Teams to allow users to preserve a historical record of conversations and files easily is coming soon!

The way it works now is you can archive an entire team, but not specific channels. Which does not let you preserve the conversations related to a particular topic or project. By archiving a specific channel, you can still actively collaborate on that subject, as well as search on it still because a historical record will exist!

The Microsoft 365 Product Roadmap page stated that archived channels will be removed from the active teams and channel lists with no more action allowed. Owners and administrators can restore it if necessary.

This new feature for Teams is tentatively scheduled for rollout in December of this year. Follow along on our blog, as well as their Roadmap page for updated information in case they push the rollout date.

View Microsoft 365 Roadmap

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