Microsoft Teams Adds Music Mode and Improved External Messaging Features


Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular options for communication within a business and is part of the Microsoft 365 package. Continuing the trend into 2022, Microsoft Teams once again rolled out some new features this month.   

The first new feature added to Teams is a high-fidelity music mode. This setting provides a user the capability to create a richer sound experience when you transmit music to listeners in a Teams meeting or call. Microsoft has been working to reduce the bandwidth requirements of audio calls and meetings.

In this mode, Teams supports a 32kHz sampling rate at 128kbps when network bandwidth allows. The internal audio processing is optimized for reproducing music with high fidelity. If the network bandwidth is insufficient, the bitrate can be reduced to as low as 48kbps and Teams still produces good-quality audio. You can turn the high-fidelity mode on in any call, and if Teams detects music, the music mode should kick in automatically.  

You are also provided the option to turn off echo cancellation, noise suppression, and gain control when the environment is professionally managed. To best utilize this music mode, we suggest not using Bluetooth devices. Instead, opt for high-quality external loudspeakers or professional microphones and headsets. Higher quality built-in microphones and speakers in laptops, such as the Surface Book, will also deliver a good sound experiences. 

The other new feature rolled-out this month is the ability for people in Teams to talk to other people in Teams outside of their organization, including chats between work accounts and personal accounts. Administrators can turn this off for people in their organizations, but if the feature is left on, all you need to talk to someone in Teams is their email address or phone number.  

External messages from personal accounts go through a spam filter, and only 10 messages can go through before the recipient accepts the invitation. Anyone using Teams, not just administrators, can turn off this functionality entirely. 

If you need help understanding these new Microsoft Teams features, or any other applications within Microsoft 365, give us a call. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Microsoft Gold Partner with IT Consultants on staff that would be happy to work with your business on optimizing your Microsoft 365 investment. 

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