Microsoft Introduced Copilot+ PCs


Microsoft recently introduced to the word a new category of Windows PCs designed with artificial intelligence in mind, Copilot+ PCs. These machines have new silicon capable of remarkable 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second), all-day battery life, and access to the most advanced AI models, easily making Copilot+ PCS the fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs to exist.

Some features you will find on these PCs is a new Recall feature, where you can virtually access what you have seen or done on your PC, as if you had a photographic memory. Copilot+ PCs organizes information based on relationships and associations unique to each individual experience. Additionally, you can generate and refine AI images in near real-time directly on the device using Cocreator, and bridge language barriers with Live Captions, which translates audio from over forty languages into English.

Some other key things to know about Copilot+ PCs:

  • Contains an all-new system architecture to bring the power of the CPU, GPU, and now a new high performance Neural Processing Unit (NPU) together.
  • Every Copilot+ PC comes secured out of the box with Microsoft Pluton Security processor enabled by default.
  • Has Live Captions to create live translations and will turn any audio that passes through your PC into a single, English-language caption experience, in real time on your screen across all your apps consistently.
  • New and advanced Windows Studio Effects
  • Will contain the new Copilot key to launch the AI agent.
  • Leverages powerful processors and multiple state-of-the-art AI models.
  • Partner applications available include:
    • Adobe including Photoshop, Lightroom and Express that are available today. Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more are coming this summer.
    • DaVinci Resolve Studio allows users to apply visual effects to objects and people.
    • CapCut allows users to easily remove backgrounds from any video clip.
    • Cephable gives users responsive adaptive input controls for their camera.
    • LiquidText make quicker and smarter annotations to documents, while keeping data private.
    • djay Pro to remix any music track.

Microsoft is making these experiences come to life on devices from Microsoft Surface, as well as through OEM partners Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung. Pre-orders are currently being accepted, with availability starting on June 19th.

You can read more about this on the Microsoft Official Blog page.

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