Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider – Tier 1 vs Tier 2


Most organizations today are choosing the Microsoft Azure cloud for their business.  Microsoft requires its cloud solutions to only come from partners who are certified as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Microsoft CSP partners are required to uphold Microsoft’s high standards by demonstrating certain values and services.  There are two different levels of Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers: Tier 1 and Tier 2.  

Like when you are selecting a cloud provider, the type of CSP model you choose also influences the success of your business. The biggest difference between CSP models is Tier 1 CSPs are Direct Partners, where as Tier 2 CSPs are Indirect Partners. Tier 1 CSPs works directly with Microsoft by purchasing products from the source and upholding the stricter standards Microsoft requires for themselves, as well as these partners. Tier 2 CSPS however, must work with Microsoft via third-party. Many Microsoft partners choose to develop a Tier 2 CSP model simply because it is easier, they are not held to the same stringent requirements as a Tier 1 CSP.  

When a CSP decides to become Tier 1, they must demonstrate expert service and support, as well as offer easy and convenient billing capabilities. By accomplishing this, they get a direct line to Microsoft, saving their clients time and money. This direct line provides premium access to new developments from Microsoft, as well as quick and expert support if your CSP must escalate an issue for help resolving.  

Microsoft sets several conditions and standards that its partners are required to meet to qualify as a Tier 1 CSP including: 

  • A simplified, single-point contact for billing and support. Includes consolidated billing that helps clients analyze their spending and see what services they are paying for monthly.  
  • Optimized cloud spending. Creating an efficient and effective infrastructure allows clients to make the most of their cloud network.  A Microsoft Tier 1 CSP looks to help a client eliminate unnecessary spending that comes from overlapping services or underused instances. A client will only pay for the products and services they need. 
  • Customized and scalable solutions. Microsoft Azure offers a large range of software applications, services, and other customizable options, it can often be intimidating.  Working with a Tier 1 CSP guarantees you a customizable cloud solution, a flexible network that can expand with your business needs. The best part, they guide you through this step by step. You no longer must navigate these crazy waters alone. 
  • Consistent top-level support. Tier 1 CSPs are required to be experts in their field, so from day-to-day questions to crucial issues, they have the necessary knowledge to work through your problems and/or concerns. They are required to offer 24/7 monitoring and support for your Microsoft Azure cloud.  This means if you experience downtime, security threats, or any other management issues, they are on top of your issue, typically before you even know it is occurring.  

You have choices, but this one is clear. Choose to partner with a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP. Give us a call today to learn more about what sets us apart from another Microsoft Tier 1 CSPs. I will give you a hint, exceptional people with exception skills and exceptional dedication! 

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