Microsoft Azure IoT Plug and Play Makes Connectivity Easier


As a result of partner collaborations and the latest Azure IoT technologies, Microsoft Azure now offers rapid connectivity to tens of thousands of popular industrial IoT device profiles for use in industrial spaces. Now Microsoft Azure can support faster operational technology to cloud connectivity for up to 80 percent of all industrial equipment through collaboration with key partners in its partner ecosystem. 

Through IoT Plug and Play, Microsoft has made connecting devices to Azure IoT a lot easier, simplifying and democratizing the IoT for customers, partners and device builders. The technology helps IT practitioners integrate smart devices into their solutions with minimal configuration.  

For new IoT solutions and applications, Microsoft’s Azure Device Catalog offers hundreds of IoT Plug and Play-enabled certified devices. These devices can be connected to Azure IoT services including Azure IoT, Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central.  

Azure IoT offerings at the edge are now more comprehensive and enabling, providing the ability to connect almost any type of industrial equipment while leveraging the full capabilities of the device spectrum.  

Whether you’re implementing a comprehensive IoT project, or you need help getting your ROI from Microsoft Azure, you ought to partner with 2W Tech. We are a technology services provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry, as well as a Microsoft Gold partner. Contact us today to learn more about Microsoft Azure and its compatibility with the IoT.

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